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ASA Wraps Up Record-Breaking Hoyt/Easton Pro/AM in Foley, Alabama, First Stop of 2024 Delta McKenzie ASA Tour

Foley, Alabama- February 29, 2024 The Archery Shooters Association (ASA) proudly concludes the highly successful Hoyt/Easton Pro/AM, marking the commencement of the 2024 Delta McKenzie ASA Tour. With unprecedented participation and thrilling competitions, the event set remarkable benchmarks in archery history.

Recording-breaking numbers underscore the magnitude of this year’s Hoyt/Easton Pro/AM, as 2047 registered shooters from 51 states and 6 countries flocked to Foley, Alabama. The enthusiasm was palpable as nearly 700 participants kicked off the festivities at the Match Bowstrings Team Shoot, setting an energetic tone for the weekend.

Perfect blue skies and idyllic 70-degree weather welcomed archers to the Graham Creek Nature Preserve, providing an ideal backdrop for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday’s scoring rounds. As archers scattered across the vast preserve, the natural beauty of Foley served as an inspiring setting for their pursuits.

The highlight of the event was the electrifying Pro Pressure Point Shootdown at the Foley Sports Complex, where standing-room-only crowds witnessed heart-pounding action. A record-breaking 87,000 viewers tuned in live via YouTube, Sportsman Channel, and Facebook, with an additional 401,600 viewers engaging with post-event video content. The overwhelming support from fans underscores the growing popularity and reach of archery as a sport.

ASA, along with sponsors and manufacturers, paid over $400,000 in prize money and contingency awards.

The success of the Hoyt/Easton Pro/AM would not have been possible without the exceptional hospitality and support of the City of Foley. From the Foley Sports Commission to the dedicated staff at Graham Creek Nature Preserve, their unwavering dedication ensured a seamless and memorable experience for archers, families, staff, and sponsors alike. Foley’s unparalleled amenities, including easy access to the beach and a diverse culinary scene, solidify its status as one of archery’s premier destinations.

As the ASA bids farewell to Foley, anticipation builds for the next stop on the Delta McKenzie ASA Tour at the Uchee Creek Campground in Russell County, Alabama. The ASA eagerly looks forward to welcoming participants and fans alike to the Black Eagle Darton Pro/Am, where the spirit of competition and camaraderie will once again take center stage. 

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ASA Wraps up a Remarkable 2023 Season

Archery Shooters Association (ASA) Wraps Up a Remarkable 2023 Season with Excitement and Growth

Cullman, Alabama – The Archery Shooters Association (ASA) proudly concluded its outstanding 2023 season with the highly anticipated Delta McKenzie ASA Classic in Cullman, Alabama. Classic Champion and Shooter of the Year titles were awarded, capping off a year marked by exceptional growth and success.

In 2023, the ASA experienced a tremendous surge in popularity and engagement across all aspects of the organization. From increased registration numbers, heightened event participation, and media viewership the ASA truly thrived. The season kicked off with a bang in Foley, Alabama, with a record-breaking 2,029 shooters – both professional and amateur – participating in the Hoyt/Easton Pro/Am, setting the stage for an incredible year ahead. Participation remained robust throughout the season, averaging 1,755 participants at each of the ensuing five Pro/Am tour events, showcasing the talent and dedication of archers from all levels.

One of the highlights of the ASA season was the remarkable growth of Thursday’s Zebra Bowstrings Team Shoot that pairs teams of amateurs with a pro partner. The Team Shoots averaged nearly 500 participants per event, with over $35,000.00 paid out for the year and every winning amateur received a gift certificate for Zebra Bowstrings!  These dedicated amateur archers not only honed their skills working with their team professional everyone enjoyed the opportunity to see the new products from the ASA vendors, connect with old friends, and make new friends in a welcoming archery community.

The ASA Pro/Am Tour continued its legacy of paying out the most money in the competitive archery circuit, with an impressive total of $1.9 million in winnings, including direct awards and contingency money, benefiting both professional and amateur archers. This substantial incentive further elevated the sport’s appeal and encouraged archers of all levels to participate and showcase their talents.

The excitement extended beyond the shooting stake as spectators enthusiastically tuned in to witness their favorite archers in action. ASA’s video content experienced unprecedented growth, amassing nearly 3 million views of Pro/Am content across national television and ASA and CAM’s social media channels. This surge in viewership has solidified ASA archery as a thrilling and accessible sport, capturing the imagination of a global audience.

In 2023, ASA’s reach expanded at the grassroots level, with 17,497 shooters participating in nearly 400 state shoots held across 37 states, promoting inclusivity and growth within the archery community. Internationally, ASA Canada experienced remarkable growth with an increase in clubs and participation, showcasing the sport’s universal appeal.

Looking ahead to 2024, the ASA is looking forward to building upon this year’s successes and continued growth as the world’s premier 3D archery tour. The dedication and passion of the archery community, along with the unwavering support of sponsors, vendors, and fans, have been instrumental in making 2023 a truly exceptional season.

The ASA extends its gratitude to everyone who contributed to this year’s success and invites archers and enthusiasts worldwide to join them in Foley, AL, February 22–25, for the Hoyt Easton Pro/Am.

Mathew’s Pro/Am Sets the Bar High in Metropolis, Ill., as the 5th Stop of the Delta McKenzie ASA Pro/Am Tour

METROPOLIS, ILL., July 7, 2023 The Mathew’s Pro/Am in Metropolis, Illinois, proved to be a scorching success, following the trend of exceptional events throughout 2023. As the 5th stop on the esteemed Delta McKenzie ASA Pro/Am Tour, the Mathew’s Pro/Am showcased outstanding attendance, with 1,834 registered shooters. This increase in participation was a year-on-year gain, demonstrating the event’s importance in the archery world.

In addition to its remarkable on-site attendance, the Mathew’s Pro/Am in Metropolis, Illinois, has also made a significant impact in the digital world. With nearly a quarter million views of the event on the Sportsman Channel, YouTube, and Facebook, viewership of the 2023 tours has now amassed over 2 million views.

The Mathew’s Pro/Am kicked off with a bang, as nearly 560 shooters eagerly participated in the always fun Zebra Bowstring Team Shoot. The excitement only escalated from there, culminating in a thrilling shootdown at Fort Massac with the picturesque backdrop of the Ohio River. Each of the six pro divisions delivered an awe-inspiring performance, and the Known Pro Division closed out the night with 4 of 4 hitting 14 rings on the “Last Chance Arrow”. Jimmy Lutz, currently ranked number 2 in the world, by World Archery, emerged as the victor, clinching his first Pro/Am title. Lutz’s exceptional performance included a record-setting achievement: shooting an incredible 66 for the entire weekend.

Competitors spanning from youth to seasoned pros battled it out for a remarkable prize pool of over $260,000 in payback and contingency money. These earnings contribute to nearly $1.5 million in prize money awarded year-to-date, solidifying the Delta McKenzie ASA Pro/Am Tour’s reputation as the highest-paying archery tour in the world. This remarkable achievement showcases the dedication and passion of the archers and the continued support of sponsors.

Looking ahead, the ASA family eagerly anticipates the pinnacle event of the season, the Delta McKenzie ASA Classic in Cullman, Alabama. This highly anticipated competition brings together archers of all ages and backgrounds, serving as the culmination of their tireless efforts throughout the year. Additionally, the Shooter of the Year race takes center stage as the season draws to a close, adding an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to the upcoming event.

The Mathew’s Pro/Am in Metropolis, Illinois, has once again proven to be an extraordinary showcase of archery talent and an unforgettable experience for participants and spectators alike. The success of this event serves as a testament to the continued growth and passion within the archery community.

Delta McKenzie ASA Tour Press Release

Delta McKenzie ASA Pro/Am Tour Thrives as It Reaches Stop 4 of 6

The Delta McKenzie ASA Pro/Am Tour continues to captivate the archery community as it successfully completes its fourth stop of the season. Building on the momentum generated from previous events, the tour showcased unparalleled participation, viewership, and prize money distribution, further cementing its status as one of the premier archery tournaments in the world.

Kicking off the 2023 season with the highly anticipated Hoyt Easton Pro/Am in Foley, Alabama, the Delta McKenzie ASA Pro/Am Tour set a promising tone for the year. A staggering total of 2,028 skilled shooters participated in the inaugural event, showcasing the immense talent and dedication within the archery community.

The tour’s fourth stop, the T.R.U. Ball Pro/AM held in London, KY, witnessed a remarkable turnout of 1,868 enthusiastic participants. This substantial participation reaffirms the tour’s ability to consistently attract top-tier archers and maintain its energy throughout the season.

The viewership of the Delta McKenzie ASA Pro/Am Tour has reached new heights, with a staggering 1,569,121 million views recorded between the video coverage provided by Competition Archery Media and the ASA. These impressive figures highlight the growing popularity and widespread appeal of the tour, which has captured audiences worldwide.

The ASA maintains its commitment to rewarding excellence, as evidenced by the 2,107 payouts already issued this season. Combined with manufacturer contingencies, the tour has awarded over 1.1 million dollars in prize money after just four stops. This significant financial investment underscores the ASA’s and the tour’s sponsors’ commitment to promoting the sport and supporting its talented athletes.

As the Delta McKenzie ASA Pro/Am Tour continues its journey, archery enthusiasts are invited to join the excitement at stop 5: the Mathew’s Pro/Am in Metropolis, Illinois. Taking place at the scenic Lake Mermet, this event promises to be a thrilling showcase of archery skills, fierce competition, and quality time spent with friends and family.

The Delta McKenzie ASA Pro/Am Tour remains grateful to its participants, sponsors, and fans for their unwavering support. The tour looks forward to the remaining stops, delivering unparalleled archery action and pushing the boundaries of the sport.

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McKenzie ASA Pro/Am Tour

The ASA Pro/Am Tour is a national series of Pro/Am tournaments, plus the Championship

“Classic” which are recognized

as the best run, highest paying and most exciting events in 3-D archery. Competitors pay entry fees based on their competitive division in both pro and amateur classes, and they receive cash awards, trophies, and accumulate points toward the prestigious “Shooter of the Year” award in their class. In addition to providing world class competition, each ASA Pro/Am provides the Host community and surrounding area with an economic impact of well over $1,000,000.00, as each event attracts thousands of archers, sponsors, family members and spectators.


If you’ve never experienced the fun and excitement of a national tournament you need to be there. It is a true archery festival with the top archery manufacturers showing the newest and latest products, competition classes for the whole family, and a full schedule of archery opportunities. In addition to the two rounds of competition featuring McKenzie 3-D targets, other activities include McKenzie Speed Bags for warm-up, a 40 target 3-D practice range, Team Shoots with Pros and amateurs, the Known Distance Shoot, Lancaster Long Shot and the opportunity to meet, watch and learn from the greatest archers in the world. ASA offers everyone the chance to experience the fun of these professionally run events with competition ranges that are specifically designed to be spectator friendly, and competition classes that allow everyone from age six-to-over sixty to compete.

Among the amateur classes are the Bow Novice and Women’s Bowhunter classes that are specifically designed for novices and bowhunters to come out and try their hand. They shoot known distance, the maximum distance is 30 yards, and long stabilizers and movable sights and sights with magnification are not permitted.  Anyone who has a passion for bowhunting needs to try their hand at an ASA event to help extend their season and hone their archery skills.