McKenzie Official Targets

Official Targets of the ASA Tour

We are very proud that McKenzie will continue to be the exclusive 3-D targets for the ASA. Their commitment to our sport, and their tradition of innovation and quality, makes them the recognized leader for 3-D competition targets.

Delta McKenzie Targets

Buy High Quality Used McKenzie Targets

ASA Archery provides high-quality used 3D Archery Targets for avid members of the U.S. archery community.  Our annual tournament targets are perfect for use by clubs and professional archers.

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ASA Pro/Am Tour

2023 Official McKenzie Targets

Delta McKenzie Target

Mix A

Howling Wolf 21650 21651
Black Buck (New)2180021801
XT Large Deer 2252021521
Blesbok 21750 21751
Hyena21740 21741
Hill Country Whitetail 21480 21481
Coyote 21430 21431
Russian Boar 21460 21461
Black Panther 21440 21441

Mix B

Model Core
Grazing Doe21470 21471
Pronghorn Antelope (New)2242021421
XT Medium Deer 22500 21501
Leopard 21700 21701
Wolverine21660 21661
Wild Boar 21370 21371
Javelina 2138021381
Med. Brown Bear 21620 21351
Aoudad 2167021671
Lynx 21490 21491