Purchase Used Pro/Am 3D Targets

High Quality Used McKenzie Targets

ASA Archery provides high-quality used 3D Archery Targets for avid members of the U.S. archery community.  Our annual tournament targets are perfect for use by clubs and professional archers.

Quality Competition Targets

These targets are top-grade competition targets used at our partner events.

Save Hundreds

Save money purchasing competition quality targets!

No Shipping Cost

No shipping or processing fees required!  Pickup your targets when you attend our national tournaments.

Pro Am Targets

Official McKenzie Targets

All targets are genuine Pro/Am competition targets that have been used at an ASA Tournament.

10 Used Targets w/Cores

Select either our Mix A or Mix B target group and receive a set of 10 replacement cores with your targets.

20 Used Targets

This complete set of 20 targets may include an optional set of replacement cores.

Target Sales Procedures

To better serve our clubs and members the ASA office will provide the coordination for range sales and pick-up after the completion of each Pro/Am (about 11:00-12:00 times can vary).  They will be offering the complete twenty (20) target ranges, plus the option to buy a full set of twenty (20) new replacement cores along with the targets. All targets are the PRO 3D Series and the replacement cores are EZ Flex Foam.

Used event ranges (20 targets) for $4,700.00 and a full set of 20 new replacement cores for $1,000.00 to total $5,700.00.  This needs to be paid in full a week before the event.

A $1,000 deposit is required if not paying the full amount at time of placing the order.  There will also be limited number of half ranges available at each event and they include the replacement cores for a total charge of $2,900.00 ($2,400 for 10 targets + $500 for 10 cores).  Cancellations or refunds must be requested prior to the event for pick up and require a $200.00 cancellation fee.  Without cancellation before the event of your pickup, you relinquish your full deposit.

A limited number of individual 3-D targets and site-in practice bags will be available for purchase at each Pro/Am from the McKenzie sponsor tent on a first-come basis.

Please contact Jenny at the ASA office (770) 795-0232 and we will directly assist you, or your club, in arranging for purchases through M&L Event Services.