Mc Kenzie Official Targets

McKenzie Targets - Official Targets of the ASA Tour: We are very proud that McKenzie will continue to be the exclusive 3-D targets for the ASA. Their commitment to our sport, and their tradition of innovation and quality, makes them the recognized leader for 3-D competition targets.

ASA Pro/Am Tour
2021 Official Mc Kenzie Targets

Targets ASA 2021 from Tour Guide

Mix A                                                                            Mix B

TargetModel TargetModel
Howling Wolf 21650   Tapir 21610
XT Large Deer 22520   Large Alert Deer 22320
Chamois 21840   XT Medium Deer 22500
Aoudad Sheep NEW     Wart Hog 21710
Leopard 21700   Wolverine NEW
Hill Country Whitetail   21480   Wild Boar 21370
Turkey 21400   Javelina 21380
Coyote 21430   Med. Brown Bear     21620
Russian Boar 21460   Blesbok 21750
Black Panther 21440   Lynx 21490