Open Class Equipment Rules for Young Adult & Youth:
May use any compound or recurve bow, sight, release, stabilizer or equipment unless specifically prohibited in any other part of these rules or by a ruling of the Competition Committee. ASA reserves the right to review any equipment / accessories and determine its suitability for competition. The following equipment / accessories are prohibited in all classes: (1) broadheads or any other point or tip not intended for target use; (2) retaining mechanisms which allow the bow to be mechanically held in the drawn position (except crossbows); (3) laser sights or devices; (4) devices or any outside agency (including stabilizer bar or prop stick) that allows the mass weight of the bow to be relieved from either arm while shooting or that allows for steadying the bow with any part of the body other than the bow hand. ASA retains the right to waive certain equipment restrictions or shooting rules under specific circumstances for physically challenged competitors.

Fixed Pin Class Equipment Rules for Young Adult & Youth:
Sights - fixed pins, no pin limit. Movable sights may be used, but must be locked down into a fixed position that will be verified by the group prior to competing. Magnification is not permitted in any 30 yard fixed pin class, but is permitted in all 40 yard pins classes. Clarifiers or verifiers in the peep are not considered magnification and are permitted.
Stabilizers - A front stabilizer or a system including quick releases, enhancers and/or weights may be used, but may not exceed twelve inches (12”) in total length from the tip of the stabilizer (or system) to the point of attachment on the front of the riser provided by the manufacturer.  A rear stabilizer or a back bar system (V-bar) may be used with no restriction on bar length.


Young adult and youth classes are not necessarily based on their actual year of school, but are based on their age as of January 1st of the competition year.

Young Adult
Youth 12-14
Eagle 9-11
Junior Eagle 6-8


Youth Adult & Youth Class Arrow Rules: 
The maximum diameter of arrow shafts will not exceed 9.3mm or .366"; and the field or glue-in point for these arrows will have a maximum diameter of 9.4 mm or .370”. No changes or alterations to the manufacturer’s exterior finish and markings are permitted, except for the addition of fletching wraps or that occur during use.  

ClassesNoteYardsFPSUnknown /Known
Young Adult Open Male   40 280 Known
Young Adult Open Female   40 280 Known
Young Adult Pins Male  See "Fixed Pin Class Rules" 40 280 Known
Young Adult Pins Female  See "Fixed Pin Class Rules" 40 280 Known
Youth Open Boys  


260** Known
Youth Open Girls   30 260** Known
Youth Pins Boys  See "Fixed Pin Class Rules" 30 260** Known
Youth Pins Girls  See "Fixed Pin Class Rules" 30 260** Known
The following classes will shoot one round of twenty targets on Saturday morning:
Eagle Open Boys*   25 230** Known
Eagle Open Girls*   25 230** Known
Eagle Pins Boys*  See "Fixed Pin Class Rules" 20 220** Known
Eagle Pins Girls*  See "Fixed Pin Class Rules" 20 220** Known


Youth Barebow Recurve:
Any recurve or longbow, or a universal one-size fits all compound bow (ie: Genesis with a maximum draw weight of 20# along with Easton XX75 Genesis series aluminum arrows) may be used. Clickers and/or draw checks are not allowed. Competitors may elect to aim by using a consistent anchor point on their face or neck and “walking” the string, or they may elect to touch the nock of the arrow with their index finger and “walk” their face to aim, but they may not do both simultaneously.

ClassNoteYardsFPSUnknown /Known
Youth Barebow Recurve  (Ages 9-14) 20 220** Known


Junior Eagle Open – Ages 6 - 8:

Junior Eagle Open Ages 6-8 15 220** Known


* All Eagle and Jr Eagle class competitors require adult supervision.

** In the interests of safety and the well-being of all youth class shooters they must be able to draw their bow under control and without undue difficulty. If in the opinion of the Range Official the competitor is having difficulty drawing and controlling the bow, the competitor shall be required to decrease the poundage to allow them to properly draw and shoot the bow regardless of arrow speed.