LocationNameLast NameClassScoreASA#Event
Metropolis Richard Owens K50 112 - 6 19903 High 50 Yard
Metropolis Adam Tomberlin K50 112 - 6 35638 High 50 Yard
Metropolis Jason Bussard K45 112 - 6 37764 High 50 Yard
Metropolis Jordan Dearman WOB 118 - 9 46880 High 40 Yard
Metropolis Chase Morris MOM 107 - 7 42011 High Youth

First Place - $80 each, all amateurs receive a Zebra Premium Bowstrings and Cables certificate when shooting with the Pros

Second Place - $60 EACH


RANGE W - Lower (Yellow Card)  RANGE W UPPER (Blue Card) 
Misty Campbell First   Will Davis First
Adam Tomberlin 48 Up   Michael Flores 35 Up
Jeff Hudgens     Tucker Hanks  
Jason Pringle     Gina Lawless  
Austin Jones     Brandon Whitt *  
Taylor Greathouse        
Ed Suders Second   Chase Burch Second
Jim Addis 42 Up   Austin Weber 34 up
Cale Staton     Mackenzie Bergman  
Mike Smith     Drew McGraw  
Rowdy Givens     Jamie Lee Moore  
Darlene Fugett        
RANGE X - Lower (Yellow Card)     RANGE X UPPER (Blue Card)  
Brooke McDonald First   Troy Hall First
Tim Nelson 32 Up   Mathey McKenna 32 Up
Jesse Wilhelm     Wade Winchester  
Mark Campbell     Nick Mathews  
Bailey Sager     Dustin Burton  
Ray Vela Second   Amanda Stiff Second-Tie
Ted Venecia 30 Up   Matthew Johnson 18 Up
Marvin Evans     Tony Montgomery  
Jackson Marsh     Chris Thomas  
Garrett McLevain     Clay Ostrander  
      James Smith  
      Kaylie Gritz  
      Brian James  
      Kaylie Davis  
      Michael Young *  
RANGE Y - Lower (Yellow Card)     RANGE Y UPPER (Blue Card)  
Doug Girt First   Richard Teasley First
Kevin Garceau 27 Up   Ryan Deffries 42 Up
Conley Young     Mike Sasnett *  
Charles Buhler     Perry Hughes  
Dylan Childers     CJ Schroeder  
Randy Fly     McKenzie Smith  
Tyler Anderson Second   Micah Greene Second
Keith Ahstrom 26 Up   Aric Camp 38 Up
Jerry Denker     Anthony Smith  
Timothy Adams     Barry Moon  
Dewayne Caylor     Wendel Smith  
April Mumpower     John Fielder  

THURSDAY Teamshoot Pro/Am

RANGE A - Lower (Yellow Card)  RANGE A UPPER (Blue Card) 
Darrin Christenberry First   Brandon Bennett First
Patrick McGowan 34 Up   Jim Frazier 34 up
Harley Beachy     Aaron Harvey  
Corey Gibson     Jamie Hays  
Cole Frederick        
Rodney Greathouse Second   Tom Crowe Second
Lalonde Begaye 32 Up   Tim Boykin 20 Up
Gary Mumpower     Dennis Page  
Eric Spaulding     Dave Carroll  
Tony Knopsnider        
RANGE B - Lower (Yellow Card) Place   RANGE B - Upper (Blue Card) Place
Sam Wolthuis First   Jake Gleitz First
Slade Wolthuis 40 Up   Connor Sears 50 Up
Tom Dagit     Jason Goedken  
Chad Kleifgen     Terra Timmerman  
Jerry Shehane     Drake Barnett  
Doug Barker     James Taylor  
Adam Gibson Second   Sam Greene Second
Tanner Seabough 36 Up   Tim Checkeroski 42 Up
Tim Nelson     Joshua Lubben  
Mike Smith     Scott Schauble  
Bill Lewis     Nikki Curtis  
Case Smith     Jacob Apache  
RANGE C - Lower (Yellow Card)     RANGE C UPPER (Blue Card)  
Megan Freeman First   Brad Wheeler First
Kris Oliver 34 Up   Pedro Apache 50 Up
Vance Fielder     Darrell Kearns  
Hoss Burtts     Lance Elledge  
Seth Pipes     Meg Curtis  
Joby Shaw     Alex Knight  
Renee Hornbuckle Second   Art Brown Second
Ty Adkins 30 Up   Aric Camp 40 Up
Kole McDonald     April Mumpower  
Kapt Brandt     Damiaio Considine  
Wyatt Burtts     Ryan Malliett  
Chase Winstead     Kelli Blair  

All Long Shot  winners qualify for the Team Realtree Shoot Off           *After qualifying anyone who subsequently hits the dot gets a $25 Lancaster Gift Card - Maximum 2 cards per event        

LocationFirst NameLast NameClass
London Chad Worrall OC
London John Adams PK
London Lewis Holmes III PK
London Alex Wifler PK
Ft Benning Hunter Jacobs K50
Ft Benning Dylan Gilbert SMI
Foley, AL Wes Kinder PK
Foley, AL Beverley Stambul WK45
Foley, AL Trenton Adams OB
Foley, AL Matt Millard SMI
Foley, AL Casey Weston PK
Foley, AL Robbie Rollins SMI
Foley, AL Shane Leksell K40
Foley, AL Joby Shaw PM