Joe Heist won the new Mc Kenzie Howling Wolf target from the drawing during the Pro Shoot Down at the Foley Event Center on Saturday evening 2/23/19

Cindy Burnette was also drawn and won the new Mc Kenzie Tapir target

First Place - $80 each, all amateurs receive a Zebra Premium Bowstrings and Cables certificate when shooting with the Pros

Second Place - $60 EACH


RANGE X - Lower (Yellow Card)Place RANGE X - Upper (Blue Card)Place
Shawn Greathouse TIE First   Hunter Smith First
Tyler Ogden 16 Up   Kevin Garceau 30 Up
Rob Hockman     Scott Panlle  
Steve Brecourt     McKenzie Smith  
Jason Todd     Sam Smith  
Jerry Campbell        
Dustin Carr        
Kerry Hall *     Taylor Lawrence Second
Jerry Willis     Abe Holmes 26 Up
Steve Vinson     Marvin Mullen  
      Maurice Huggins  
      Jamie Brecourt  
RANGE Y - Lower (Yellow Card)  RANGE Y UPPER (Blue Card) 
Stacey Wilson First   Caden Frederick TIE First
James Greer 29 Up   Chad Hilburn 54 Up
John Potter     William Adams  
Jerry Shehane     Kara Kuhnert  
Ethan Owens     Brandon Witt  
Uriah Bush     Shane Adams  
      Luke Thompson  
Jace Brown Second   Clay Riner  
Tim Nelson 27 Up   Blaine Kuhnert  
Dean Austin     Justin Burkhalter  
Kirk Menard        
Dale Kuhnert        
RANGE Z - Lower (Yellow Card)  RANGE Z UPPER (Blue Card) 
Joshua Yoder First   Cole Adams First
Dakota Joiner 42 Up   Jeff Dysinger 18 Up
Barry Henderson     Ray Essex  
Ellie Yocum     Wayne Stevenson  
AJ Clements     Patty Watson  
Destrie Vescuso     Morgan Griggs  
Dylan Childers Second   Mark Cates Second
Gannon Faul 23 Up   Trevor Carpenter 13 Up
Connie Griffin     Rowdy Givines *  
Thomas Harris     Chrissy Jones  
Hailey Tabor *     Kyna Stephens  
Rebecca Phillips     Jackie Brooks  


RANGE A - Lower (Yellow Card)  RANGE A UPPER (Blue Card) 
Richard Leftwich First   Andrew Callaway First
Art Brown 20 Up   Richard Statler 32 Up
Rusty Phillips     Gary Mumpower  
David Burns     Dennis Page  
Jackie Caudle Second   Danny Evans Second
Donald Carpenter 19 Up   Jaymes Begaye 30 Up
Voris Hawkins     Haylee Nesbitt  
Steve Vinson     Maurice Huggins  
RANGE B - Lower (Yellow Card)  RANGE B UPPER (Blue Card) 
Chris Ellensohn First   Steven Williams First
Ethan Johnson 40 Up   Kaily Johnston 42 Up
Williams Adams     Chris Norton  
Terra Timmerman        
Jonathan Hayden        
Brady Ellison Second   Harold Cogar Second
Mike Schluesser 38 Up   Cara Kelly 40 up
Jerry Shehane     Jaylen Sharp  
Jason Adams        
Jerrad Brown        
RANGE C - Lower (Yellow Card)  RANGE C UPPER (Blue Card) 
Rod White TIE-First   Bridger Deaton First
Josh Naylor 58 Up   Fred Polly Jr 32 Up
Dakota Joiner     Bertsch Begaye  
Taylor Campbell     Jerimie Reeves  
Bobby Tanner     Danny Morgan  
Blaine Kuhnert        
      Kevin Beach Second
      Randy Adams 18 Up
      Joshua Kurtz  
      Jason Todd  
      Ethan Todd  
      Jesse Moore