James Drouillard Classic Overall Winner Under Armour Gear, Aoudad Sheep and REALTREE Hunt
Jeff Myers Classic Winner Lynx Target
Lacey Bruno Cullman, AL Winner CBE Sight and $50 Lancaster Card
Ted Harris Foley, AL 1st Pro Perfecta Winner EVER Under Armour Gear and Aoudad Sheep
GPO Precision Shoot Down - Classic - Foley, AL 8/29/2020
Range yardageWinners GPO Precision Shoot DownClassPrize
40 yard range Winner: Zachery Hamilton Known 40 GPO Rangeguide 10x50RF
40 yard range 2nd: Josh Honeycutt Known 40 GPO Passion 10x42ED
40 yard range 3rd: Ryan Minard Known 40 GPO Rangetracker 1800
50 yard range Winner: Robert Householder Known Pro GPO Rangeguide 10x50RF
50 yard range 2nd: Jeff Raney Known Pro GPO Passion 10x42ED
50 yard range 3rd: Brady Hempen Known Pro GPO Rangetracker 1800
Top 3 High 40 and High 50 Winners for GPO Classic Shoot Off

These winners (if attending) will compete Saturday evening at 4:30 in the 3 arrow head-to-head shoot off for great products from GPO. They will have the GPO Precision finals at 1000 Pride Blvd, Foley, AL  36535 (main soccer field located across from the Foley event Center and near OWA)

Elite Archery & Black Eagle Pro/Am Cullman AL Known 40 1 50775 Ryan Minard 118 9
Elite Archery & Black Eagle Pro/Am Cullman AL Known Pro 1 39337 Robert Householder 118 9
Mathews & TRU Ball Pro/AM London, KY Known 40 1 48075 Zachery Hamilton 118 9
Mathews & TRU Ball Pro/AM London, KY Known Pro 1 13349 Brady Hempen 116 9
Hoyt Archery Pro/Am Foley, AL Known 40 1 53581 Uriah Bush 114 8
Hoyt Archery Pro/Am Foley, AL Known Pro 1 53706 Jeff Raney 118 9
Zebra Trophy X Bowstrings and Cables Team Shoot - Classic 2020

First Place - $80 each, all amateurs receive a Zebra Premium Bowstrings and Cables certificate

Second Place - $60 EACH

Delta McKenzie Easton ASA Classic event in Foley, AL 8/27/2020

RANGE X - Lower (Yellow Card)  RANGE X UPPER (Blue Card) 
Bobby Ketcher First   Tyler Hale First
Pam Hockman 34 Up   Jamie Hayes 30 Up
Richard Mann     Brian Hawks  
Dennis Page     Delaney Childers  
Harold Cogar II     Seth Greene  
Keith Ahlstrom Tie-Second   Blake Kidder Second
Sharon Wallace 32 Up   Vaden Begaye 22 Up
Hank Daley     Lalonde Begaye  
Ray Hickman     James Begaye  
Ryan Hawks        
Nick Harp        
Danny Evans        
Ryan Jeffries        
Timothy Stiltner        
John Clifton        
RANGE Y - Lower (Yellow Card)  RANGE Y UPPER (Blue Card) 
Callen Vent First   Kevin Dukes First
Ian Rigney 34 Up   Mark Woods 42 Up
Cassidy Cox     Matthew McKenna  
Logan Hamilton     Dane Wolford  
Haley Grine     Beau Bishop  
Jacob Apache     Chris Berry  
Ronnie Evans Second         Shane Siers Second
Chuck Durnil 23 Up   Melissa Stevens 36 Up
Bobby Chester     Christopher Dunn  
Malcolm Jones     Nicholas Cardaropoli  
Kirk Bonds     Brent Qualls  
Landen Begaye     David Triplett