1. Each twenty (20) target Unknown Distance round will be shot in three hours and thirty-minutes. Each twenty (20) target Known Distance round will be shot in less than three hours and fifteen minutes. It shall be the final determination of the Tournament Director to cancel, postpone, delay tournament activities, and / or determine the appropriate time frame for completion of the round in the case of inclement weather or other extenuating circumstances such as the number of shooters assigned to the range.
  2. Each group will be responsible for monitoring and adhering to the following pace of shooting:
    1. Upon commencement of the round by a verbal announcement by the range official the first shooter at each target will be allowed two minutes in Unknown Distance and one minute in Known Distance to shoot their arrow.
    2. Each remaining member of the group will be allocated one minute to shoot.
    3. Each group will be permitted four minutes to score the target, pull arrows and reach the next stake at which point the time allotment procedure repeats.
    4. Any group or individual that fails to adhere to their specified time limit will receive a warning from the range official for the first offense. The penalty for a subsequent offense is a deduction of five points from target score for the group or individual. Any further offenses will result in disqualification.
  3. After the allotted time the range official may call time and shooters may complete the target being shot. Further shooting will cease and scores will be totaled on targets completed and a zero recorded for each incomplete target.

    The following are the only conditions under which a shooter may leave the range and return to receive credit for the day’s competition. The shooter will be allocated additional time to make up targets missed in the presence of two scorers, designated by the range official, who will be responsible for scoring and completing the shooter’s score card.

  4. Equipment failure need not be visible, but must be reported to a tournament official. If the equipment failure occurs during the act of shooting and the arrow is propelled by the string, the arrow will be scored as shot. The shooter will have up to forty-five (45) minutes from the time the shooter is picked up for equipment replacement or repair. Each shooter is limited to one (1) repair or replacement of equipment per tournament, and a shooter with a second breakdown will be allowed to repair or replace their equipment, but will not be allowed to make up missed targets.
  5. Competitors in Fixed Pin classes may make one “gang adjustment” of their sight during competition without calling a breakdown. The adjustment may be made following a shot and prior to proceeding to the next target, under the following procedure: (1) inform the group, and (2) make the adjustment to the whole pin set in front of the group. Individual pins may not be adjusted, and further adjustments must be made under Shooting Time Allowed, Rule “D”.
  6. Any shooter leaving the range for a personal time-out must first check-in with the range official, and must then check back with the official within five minutes and complete the round. Shooters are allowed a maximum of two per round.