The Competition Committee will consist of five (5) shooters who will address all rule inquiries, protests, and any instances of unsportsmanlike conduct. Members must commit to be in attendance at every tournament with a maximum of three (3) members from the pro classes and a minimum of two (2) amateurs or semi-pros. In addition to reviewing infractions and ruling on grievances submitted by shooters the committee will establish penalties or sanctions for conduct violations that are not delineated in the ASA Rules. They will also review general rule interpretation submissions and serve on the annual Rules Advisory Board.

  1. The Competition Committee will review all protests and requests for rule interpretations. Protests that could affect the results of the competition must be resolved prior to the next round of competition, or prior to the announcement of final results. All shooters agree that a decision by the Competition Committee is final.
  2. Any grievance or protest must be filed in writing with the Competition Committee within one (1) hour of completion of a round, along with a $50.00 protest fee. If the Committee rules in favor of the protest, or the protest/grievance is withdrawn, the fee will be returned. All decisions of the Committee will be final.
  3. A general inquiry for an interpretation of a rule may be submitted in writing to the Competition Committee. The Committee will review the submission at their earliest convenience and a written response will be provided. No fee is required for this review.
  4. Unsportsmanlike conduct on the ranges or tournament grounds by competitors will not be tolerated.
    1. Any incident of unsportsmanlike conduct will be reported to the Tournament Director who will file a report with ASA Administration to decide if it will be referred to the Competition Committee. The first offense upheld will result in disqualification of the shooter from the event. A second offense will result in a suspension for the remainder of the season with no refund of entry fees paid and will be required to request reinstatement in writing to the Competition Committee prior to returning to competition.
    2. Verbal abuse directed at tournament officials, other shooters or spectators will result in immediate disqualification of the shooter from the tournament and a referral to the Competition Committee for further action.
    3. The use of profanity is prohibited and violators are subject to disqualification.
    4. Any competitor rightfully suspended from ASA competition at any level will be suspended from ASA competition at all levels.  The suspension and reasons will be communicated to the ASA Federation and the National Office. To be reinstated a competitor must submit a request in writing to the Competition Committee.
    5. Any competitor suspended for cause by another National Archery Association that is recognized as an ASA Partner by cooperating on rules, policies and/or event scheduling will be subject to suspension at all ASA competition levels for the duration of their suspension by that Association.